Jenny Cho

Artist Note

All humans are born into given conditions such as society, family, and body. These given factors keep us in the physical world while the mind formulates a private world behind our body. Merleau-Ponty, the phenomenologist and the existentialist, states the private worlds of individuals are based on the sensual response to reflection of the world. Thoughts can only be formulated according to what people see and experience. Like he said, my basic interest and goal of my work lies on the point where the outside world and the inner world meet. In my works, I examined how the eyesight bridges the physical world and minds through visual perception by using perspective as a medium.

chart I

We perceive the world through the perspective. The chart illustrates the process of perception and perspective. When the eye, X, sees the object, A, the projection of an image, B, is created. According to the perspective theory, the perspective represents the object not as it is but as we see them in space; therefore, creating infinite variety of visual forms. The collected images are then perceived by the brain, which later integrate with the cognitive system such as memory, experience and concept.


chart II



[chart II]
The chart that illustrates artists’ process of creation is usually the reverse of Chart I as shown in Chart II. In In-Between series, my perception of an object is projected back on to the canvas by using perspective as color palettes. Like process of perspective and perception, my work progress through time and forms. First, the captured images are sorted and rearranged into a photo relief, a composition of variety of photo cut-outs attached to engineering wire and aluminum rods in different lengths. Finally, the sum of different perspectives on Photo Relief is rearranged, tweaked and perfected into a painting. The final representation is the result of explores the in-between space of X and Y, the eyes and mind.