Jenny Cho

Finished Goods Warehouse | Columbia MFA Student Summer Show

Date: 08.06.16-08.27.16

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Finished Goods Warehouse | Columbia MFA Student Summer Show
Curated by Natalie Bell 
4-7pm, Wed–Fri
2-6pm Sat–Sun

Painting Posters - The Summer Patron Goddesses of Idle Fellows - Joseph_Mallord_William_Turner,_English_-_The_Burning_of_the_Houses_of_Lords_and_Commons,_1834_-_Google_Art_Project and 3D rendered MoMinGook*
,  2016, Digital Drawing, Size Variable

Painting Posters - The Summer Patron Goddesses of Idle Fellows - Albert_Bierstadt_-_A_Storm_in_the_Rocky_Mountains,_Mt._Rosalie_-_Google_Art_Project, 
2016, Digital Drawing, Size Variable

Digital Drawing for Hinged Picture System Arrangement -Twenty Black and Twenty White
, 2016


Straddling between the invisible boundaries of object, image, and architecture, Cho explores the new value and essence of painting within the system of contemporary world. Since the radical shift from a modernist to a post modernist paintings—deconstructivist movement such as Support/Surface which liberates the conventional form of painting by separating the canvas from its supports—painting reinvigorated not only as a flat imagery but as a third dimensional object in both aesthetical and functional form in the era of post medium. This extended life of painting reflects the post-human condition of accelerating global culture where ungraspable imageries and consumable objects repeatedly adrift through the consciousness of our eyes and minds. 

In search of new modes of being in a hybrid identity, Cho adapts inverse perspective, transparency and the poetics of networked imageries as artistic strategies. Inverse  perspective acquire the fluid vision of the world embracing atemporality and non-locality. Double nature of literal and phenomenal transparency in both flat and architectural space derived from the phenomenological thinking process that links the aesthetics with ethics/political imperatives. The poetics of networked imageries further complicate the fundamental cycle of ontological quest in life, death and extend further into the realm of outlived.


Painting Posters - The Summer Patron Goddesses of Idle Fellows Series
 are impressionistic sketches of contemporary landscape comprised of digital images of historical romantic landscape paintings, closed up skin of 3D rendered mythical characters and strays of mundane yet private iPhone photos by the artist. The title derived from Aristophane's Greek play, Cloud, where a group of chorus appears in the costumes of clouds. Aristophanes described the cloud as "the patron goddesses of idle fellows," criticizing the aimless activity of cloudspotting. The value of doing nothing in contemporary society is more than a leisure and further linked with an act of resistance. In A Theory of /Cloud/, Hubert Damisch also studies cloud in western traditional paintings exploring the opposite visual experience of the linear perspective. Collaged images are printed black and white on 40x66in bond papers to create a bigger whole. The posters are folded and carried to the exhibition site to be attached to Hinged Picture System. Painting Posters will be available for free downloads at <>.