Jenny Cho

‹Today’s Salon› at COMMON CENTER
Date: 3.27.14-5.81.14



COMMON CENTER Opening Exhibitions, ‹Today’s Salon›

— Date: 2014.3.27 ~ 5.18
— Opening Reception: 3.27 6pm

Adehla Lee, An Gyungsu, Arong Chung, Bae Yoon Hwan, Baek, Kyungho, Boram Lee, Cha Youngseok, Cho Daewon, Cho TaeGwang, Choi Yoonhee, Choo Hyo Jung, Dongwan Kook, Dukhoon Gim, Eun Jin Kim, Eunji Ryu, Eunjoo Rho, Eunsil Lee, Gim Hyuntae, Han Sung Woo, Hee Young Jo, Heo, Suyoung, Ho Sangun, Hwa Hyun Kim, Hyungji Park, Hyunsun Jeon, Jae Jin Hong, Jandi Kim, Jang Pa, Jenny Cho, Jeong Zik Seong, Jinu Jeon, Jiseon Kim, Jiyoon Koo, Jo Sangeun, Jo Song, Jooa Chung, Jung-Yoon Jin, Junghye Park, Kang Dong-ju, Kim Cell, Kim Hye Na, Kim Su-yeon, Kim Sungyoon, Kim Yeji, Kim, Hee-Yon, Ku Myung-Sun, Kwak Sangwon, Kwon Gu Hui, Lee Eunsae, Lee Hoin, Lee Hyein, Lee Jaemyung, Lee Sejun, Lee Sukyung, Lee Yunsung, Min Park, Minho Kwon, Oh Heewon, Paik Seungmin, Park Dasom, Park Gwangsoo, Park Kyung Ryul, Park, Hyun-Jung, Raejung Sim, Seung Yul Oh, Song Mingyu, Suki Seokyeong Kang, Woosung Lee, Yoon Hyangro.

COMMON CENTER’s opening exhibition is ‹Today’s Salon›, one that takes on contemporary paintings as its subject. A total of 69 artists have presented around 150 pieces of art, including drawings. is an exhibition that deals (with) arts painted with human hands, that is, paintings.

There are many walls at COMMON CENTER. ‹Today’s Salon› stems from the urge to fill these numerous walls with “painting”s. We contacted artists that we have been following with interest and had recommendations from friends in the art field. We would visit studios and be recommended, by chance, of yet another artist. This exhibition is therefore a list of coincidentally collected artists.

As we could not include all painters, there was need of some criteria with which to select artists and the list was naturally composed of artists “whose careers are a bit short to be categorized as established”. This also attributes to a simple curiosity. “What are the paintings of today in Korea?” While writing art history or curating medium based exhibitions have been deemed as “cheesy” in contemporary art, development of the history of painting in Korea has generally been -despite some remarkable activities of few senior painters after Tansaekhwa and Minjung Art- fragmented. We judged that there needs to be a formal framework with which to see and examine the current situation, and the many walls at COMMON CENTER were great tools.

However, ‹Today’s Salon› merely concentrates on facing the direction that the classical question trailing paintings points at; it is not an exhibition that presents an answer. Also, it observes what, how and why the participating artists paint but does not kindly explain. It presents a space where contemporary artists can meet one another but does not intend to proclaim an emergence of a certain generation.

We hope that neither yesterday’s nor tomorrow’s salon but ‹Today’s Salon› serves as a momentum for arousing today’s painterly tendencies before insisting upon rumination on the past or conjecture about the future.