Jenny Cho

In-Between: Through the Eyes of the Others at Doosan Gallery, New York
Date: 10.13.11-11.12.11


Press Release

DOOSAN Gallery is pleased to announce Jenny Cho’s solo exhibition, In Between: Through the Eyes of the Others. This exhibition features Cho’s paintings and photo-reliefs, which reflect her ongoing investigation of the relationship between vision and perception. 

Cho’s work involves rearranging and recomposing elements that are present in her daily life. She utilises traditional painting techniques yet maintains a distinct visual vocabulary.  Cho challenges and questions the meaning of traditional representation by examining the influence of the internal upon our perception. By representing the perception of an object, not merely its visual attributes, Cho reveals the concept of an ‘in between,’ capturing the invisible within the visible. 

Inspired by pioneers of perspective from different moments in art history, Cho attempts to go one step further by bridging the gap between what is seen and what registers in our mind. Cho’s multi-perspective view is a reflection of ‘chaos with harmony,’ depicting an intermingling of the seen and the perceived. Cho successfully captures a personal space that is based on her own perspectives to create a dimension that is uniquely her own. 

Jenny Cho was born in 1985 in Seoul, South Korea. She graduated from New York University Steinhardt School of Art and Art Professions.  She had a solo exhibition at Gana Art Gallery (New York, 2009). Her works have also been part of the group exhibitions at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition (New York, 2008), Secret Project Robot, 2008 (New York, 2008), Commons Gallery (New York, 2007), Commons Gallery (New York, 2008). Cho currently lives and works in New York City.