Jenny Cho

Bowon Kim, Doyeon Kim, Jiwon Kwak, Seungmin Chu, Jenny Cho, Patron Goddesses of Idle Fellows are the Clouds, 2021, AR, Size Variable

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Everything points to that cloud. Using augmented reality (AR), Cho presents a cloud toward the large window. She had made it so that everything chases after this comical, even mundane-looking cloud. We no longer need to draw straight-line pyramids on flat surfaces. It suffices for us to believe that we are looking at a cloud within the (anticipated) pathway as it moves along, leaving behind irregular traces. In Patron Goddesses of Idle Fellows are the Clouds (2021), Cho references the ancient Greek comedy The Clouds by Aristophanes. Drawing on his humor and satire, she raises a question about the historical conditions of the painting medium: “Why does no one question this?” Contemplating the new stature of contemporary painting (as had been prophesied), she adds an element of “cute” delusion, playfully leading us to chase after a cloud that is like the dead body of the Hunter Gracchus, floating over the waves on his ferry. (Soyeon Ahn)



Sungeun Kim, Jenny Cho

The Will
2 Channel Video, 5 Channel Sound, metal installation
20 min in loop

"The Will" is the artists' first outcome of the ongoing collaborative research project in the context of intermediality, performativity and writing counter-histories. The videos reenact the scenes from the existing films. theater and literary sources that portray the moments of the ruptures in the historical/political context. Employing performance as a writing tool the artists attempt to document the atmosphere of 'negative utopia', which they sensed during 'the candle light revolution' in the winter 2016 in South Korea.