Jenny Cho

A Supine Fork and the Body of Christ, 2021, Soyeon Ahn

“Painting is the future”: Jenny Cho’s painting through other means, 2021, Chaeeun Lee
New Faces in Painting 12, <Bazaar Art Korea>, 2015, October, Jisun Kim,  P.110 (KRN)
The Significance of a Contemporary Artist's Task of Making Paintings, 2013, Geun-jun Lim aka Chungwoo Lee
Critical Essay for In-Between: Through the Eyes of the Others, 2011, Jan Van Woensel
Doosan Gallery NY Review, <Art in Culture>, 2011, December, Dooeun Choi, P.169 (KRN)
Visible and Invisible In-Between Eyes and Mind, 2009, Jongho Jay Kim
Artist Note, 2009